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  • Hypnosis

    • New Clients-Consultation, First Hypnosis Session $250
      When scheduling a consultation, you also schedule an appointment for hypnosis. That way we have time to provide assistance should you decide to move forward.
      The consultation is no charge. If you agree to the program, your first visit is $250.  Your hypnotist will make a recommendation as to how many sessions you might need at the time of the consultation. 
      There is a fee of for missed appointments without 24 hour notice.
    • Returning Clients-Hypnosis Session Series $175
      Upon arriving for your subsequent session, please fill out the form on the clip board.
      There is a fee for missed appointments without 24 hour notice.
    • Smoking Cessation Program $450
      This is a two session program, with a 30 day follow up check in.
    • Phone or Skype Follow Up $125
      This is only available after your "in session" first appointment.
    • Post Program Follow Up Session $150
      Upon arrival, please fill out check in form on clip board in reception area. 
      There is a fee for missed appointments without 24 hour notice.
    • Last session of current series
      This can only be scheduled by your hypnotist.
  • Meditation

    • Meditation Coaching $125
      Our staff can assist you in proper breathing techniques in order to re-focus to a meditative state.  We also remove the mental blocks to meditation.  Meditation and Hypnosis are similar as far as the physical experience, the difference lies in Meditation empties the mind, Hypnosis adds information to the mind.